Be accessorised!

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For more pictures, please visit FO Photography Facebook page.


Ankara Alice band: elleleroske

Model: Ronke of elleleroske

Photography: Funmi and Adrian of FO Photography.


About elleleroske

Designer of handcrafted fabric accessories, Make-up Artiste and Accountant. Lover of Art, Nature and life.
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6 Responses to Be accessorised!

  1. Yasmin says:

    What a combination! Amazing photographs shooting beautiful accessories.. I especially like the leopard print bangle and the necklaces, the colours are so vibrant!

  2. kunle says:

    Good n creative works of art and brilliant ideas hope u keep up. This is another face of inspiration. Wishing the very best on this road to fame…

  3. temitope says:

    Beautiful works, keep at it, you just might get a big break very soon.
    very very nice collection.

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