IMG_2566.jpgHello dearies, yes it’s been a long time and I’m so sorry for not updating in a while. It’s going to be much better in 2016. I will be doing a lot of throwback as I also give you updates on our recent designs. Yay!!! I’m excited already.

Have you seen the RoundAboutYou bags? They are very fashionable and classy for the modern day stylish woman. These bags are in small, medium and large sizes.

I get inspired by things around me, that is nature, people, shapes, colours patterns and so many things. This time I decided to make an unusual kind of bag that appeals to the ‘Peculiar Woman’ using the shape of the earth, oh how I love nature….. And the earth carries every bright and beautiful living thing which we all live in.

The peculiar woman is fun, classy, special and creative in her own personal world and she is a trendsetter in her own circle. This bag got me dancing shoki (Nigerian fun party dance) when my team and I came up with the first bag and guess who got the first RoundAboutYou bag we made, mareeyjay of  you will see how she rocked it, now that’s a peculiar woman!

Are you a peculiar woman? Do you know a peculiar woman? Need I say more? Place your order and show some love this season by gifting a RoundAboutYou bag to that Peculiar woman. Email, instagram: @elleleroske, Twitter: @elleleroske,Call: Ronke on 09028661315, Whatapp: 08030746758.

Here are some of the campaign shoots for the RoundAboutYou, oh the shoot was fun with Onikepo , Ronke and Subomi playing their parts.IMG_2705.jpgIMG_2757.jpgIMG_2570.jpgIMG_2563.jpg

Models: Onikepo and Ronke

Photography: Olasubomi Adeyemi





About elleleroske

Designer of handcrafted fabric accessories,and clothing, Make-up Artiste and Accountant. Lover of Art, Music, Pictures, Hairstyling, Nature and Life.
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3 Responses to RoundAboutYou!

  1. mayreejay says:

    Thanks for the feature

  2. Great to see you back on blogsphere! Love the inspiration behind the bag!!

  3. Lydia says:

    I love the roundaboutyou bags. Its quite unique.

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